About us

Welcome to Godly Writes LLC, your destination for unique and thought-provoking Christian apparel. I am Shane Wall, husband, father, author, and pastor. When I was in Lids custom hat shop and learned that I could have words stitched onto the front of a baseball cap, I asked the Holy Spirit what I should put on there, and He said, "Ask Jesus. He Answers." So, I did. Now, everywhere I go, no exaggeration, I get looks, stares, or comments.

Sometimes, it seems like a joke is played on me because everybody says the same thing, whether they are multimillionaires or the average teenager. They simply say, "I like your hat." And they are always smiling. Some want to shake my hand, others offer a fist bump, and almost everyone wants to chat.

Even those who stare at my hat to read it for a few seconds and look away, never looking me in my eyes or saying hello, are impacted, and that's what matters to me. I started Godly Writes LLC apparel company because others encouraged me. Jesus told us to share our faith with others, and as a Christian, I know how difficult it can be to start a "religious conversation" with a stranger.

Entering now from stage left — the hat! Being a witness for Jesus Christ involves words and actions. I'm thrilled each time I hear someone in person or on social media how one of our hats opened a conversation about Jesus with total strangers. I love to witness, yet I don't always know the right words to share to begin talking about my precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. So, since I’m going to wear clothes anyway, I love wearing my faith as sharing my faith because it can and does make a difference.

While working at a credit union, a foreigner who was not a Christian came to my teller window and saw me wearing a wooden cross we now offer. He looked at me and gave me the greatest compliment I’ve ever received. He said, “That cross fits you. It doesn’t fit many people who wear one, but it fits you.” Insert tears here. I could’ve asked for the rest of the day off to go home and cry happy tears into my pillow in appreciation to God for such a compliment.

For years I've shared with thousands of people that, "Love is not a feeling." I've been challenged a few times by that statement, and I always respond by saying, "Love is not a feeling because even if the feeling goes, we still gotta love. So, how can love be that feeling?" That usually convinces them to ponder and seemingly awaken with a fresh smile. I share our Love is Not a Feeling apparel collection so that you can have the same experiences of enlightening someone's day as well!

Well, there you go. I’ve shared my heart, and I want you to have such an enjoyable experience with Godly Writes that I ensure each item and order gets superior ratings from me before being shipped to you. We are small now and will grow with you in mind.

Thank you so much for your support!

Be blessed!