Retired and Loving It!

I am a young, retired librarian who likes to be out and about. I absolutely love this "Ask Jesus He Answers" T-shirt and matching cap. This casual look consists of a breathable shirt and an adjustable cap. The quality is amazing! I received a number of compliments, and I highly recommend everyone to make a purchase! You’ll be glad you did!
-Vickey H.

Amazed at Chick-fil-A

One of the food preparers at Chick-fil-A came from the back line to the register where I was ordering, complimented my hat, and asked me to explain the message on it. He was so intrigued. I couldn't wait to explain it to him! Also, the quality of this hat and all the shirts is stunning, and it's like I can't go anywhere without receiving welcomed stares and bold inquirers who start conversations with me about the message of love on this cap and shirts! I'm getting every piece Godly Writes sells and I'm almost there!
-Jerry S.


I told my daddy I wanted this black Love is Not a Feeling cap for my birthday, and I wanted the snapback. I wear it to school every day and my classmates ask me what it means and I tell them love is not a feeling because if the feeling goes, you still got to love. I don't like taking my cap off not even in my house until I go to bed. I feel comfortable in it all the time. I'm 8 years old.

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